Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Riddance, Gene Rardin.

Hey, Democrats! Want to know how to avoid crushing losses in the future like you suffered on Tuesday night?

How about NOT electing bigoted, left-wing candidates like State Rep. Gene Rardin, who in this pathetic blog post, attacked his opponent, Republican Amanda Grosserode, for homeschooling her children. Here is the actual text:

My Opponent Homeschools Her Children
If you are not aware of this, you should be, before you vote. I taught in SM Schools and support funding for a strong public education system. I demonstrated my belief by attending SM Schools as did both of my children.

Amanda Grosserode does not understand the importance of our public schools and has demonstrated that lack of understanding by withdrawing her own children from public schools in favor of home schooling.

The author of this blog attended SM Schools, but this is a pathetic statement. How can Gene Rardin even stoop to the level of attacking Amanda's choice of how to educate her children? Why should that matter? The arrogance that drips from this statement is sad, not to mention ignorant.

First of all, one can send their children to private school or homeschool and have a perfect understanding of public education and still believe in a strong public education system -- and conversely, someone who does send their children or was educated in the public school system can have absolutely zero understanding of a quality public education system.

Second of all, as taxpayers who fund the public schools, we all have a right to have a say in how our tax dollars are applied to education and how our educational system functions, no matter whether we send our kids or even if we choose not to have children at all.

Of course, Gene Rardin wasn't even the worst case of this in the 2010 election cycle. In District 38, Democrat Roberta Eveslage occused Rep. Anthony Brown of the same thing -- of homeschooling his kids. The problem there? Anthony Brown does send his kids to public schools and always has -- in the Eudora Public Schools. She just outright lied.

The good news for Kansans?

In District 16, Amanda Grosserode crushed Gene Rardin 55% - 45%.
In District 38, Anthony Brown destroyed Eveslage 68% - 32%.

Thank heavens.

What's hilarious in this is that these Democrats like to call themselves "moderates", when the are truly "MINOs" -- moderates in name only. If Democrats have any hope of every having a prayer in Johnson County again, they'd better find some candidates who are truly moderates and not leftists who go after their opponents on how they educate their kids.

Until that happens, Democrats won't only have minority status, they will be a virtual non-factor in Kansas politics -- right now, they are holding onto just 1/4 of the Kansas House and Senate, which could have been even lower if not for several razor thin margins in several races.

Pretty soon, Democratic Caucus meetings will start occurring in closets.