Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kansas Watchdog: Labette CC President Reimbursed for Political Donation?

We like to give credit to other blogs/news sites that cover stories you might not hear about in your local paper. One such case is one of the current headlines at the Kansas Watchdog..."Labette Community College President Reimbursed for Political Donation".

You can read all the details here. Apparently George Knox was reimbursed by the college for a political donation to Dennis McKinney. Hat tip to Kansas Watchdog for covering this story and for bringing it to the attention of those concerned about Open Records and good government.

Kansans overall need to be more watchful of their local governments. Often dominated by those to the left side of political aisle and those in the elite of their communities, they can be breeding grounds for this kind of behavior. Thankfully, one of the LCC Trustees blew the whistle here.

We need more whistle blowers in local government. Even if you are just one of 8 or two of 8, it can make a huge difference when it comes to things like cutting corners on open records, open meetings, and in this case, taxpayer dollars. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and just a voice at the table, however uncomfortable, can make government more honest.