Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Real Jim Barnett Steps Forward

In past posts, we at Kaw & Border have discussed various aspects of the Kansas Senate and how the makeup of the current body defies any notion that the legislature is a conservative one For years, the Kansas Senate has been an immense source of frustration for conservatives for the simple fact it's hard to get any good legislation out of there without some parliamentary maneuver or heavy political pressure on a particular issue.

We've also discussed past and current political races, including the one currently being held in the First Congressional District, currently held by Jerry Moran, who is running for the U.S. Senate. Due to the heavy Republican nature of this district, six candidates are in the race, and the one we at Kaw & Border favor is the only true, proven conservative -- Tim Huelskamp.

However, our focus today will be once again on Jim Barnett, who has proven himself to be nothing more than a political animal, willing to change shades depending on the election cycle and the path needed to victory. We've explained how in 2006, Barnett all of a sudden became a conservative to run for Governor, despite liberal leanings in the past. Then, in 2007 and most of 2008, he drifted back to the liberal side, once again voting for bloated budgets, big government, and rarely standing up against Senate leadership. In fact, along with Julia Lynn, it was his vote that prevented conservatives from taking back control of the Senate in the leadership elections leading up to the 2009 session. Towards the end of the session, his votes tended to be more conservative again, because now he's decided to run for Congress.

But, in the past few weeks, more revolations have come to light that clearly identify Jim Barnett as the liberal Republican, big government-embracing, nanny state, vote-trader he is. First of all, a simple search on YouTube will find a video that dissects Barnett's liberal past and his ties to Sebelius on the issue of health care.

Now, he's recently had a fundraiser in which the returned favor for his vote for leadership came to light...they are backing him for Congress. Check out the names on the invite:

Steve Morris. Derek Schmidt. John Vratil. The three-headed monster of Republican RINO's in the Kansas Senate -- and they are collectively throwing their support behind Jim Barnett in his effort to make the 1st District represented by a big government Republican.

Yeah, that's just what our country needs right now from one of the safest Republican seats in the country! Rather than elect an authentic conservative like Tim Huelskamp, let's send up a failed former candidate for Governor, who was embarassed by Sebelius, to go up to Washington to now work with Sebelius and vote like her on health care! GREAT IDEA!
Aren't you glad we have such real principled Republican leadership in the State Senate?

If you're a reader of this blog and you actually want a real conservative representing The Big First, who as we posted in the past, will actually bring a big bat to Washington and promote convervatism...then you need to do everything you can to help out Tim Huelskamp and do everything you can to stop Jim Barnett.

Let's send Tim Huelskamp to Congress, and let's keep Jim Barnett in the State Senate, where he can be relegated to proposing his infamous nanny state bills on everything from seat belts to smoking bans.