Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Jersey, Virginia Going GOP in 2009

First of all, we wanted to mention that Kaw & Border will continue to focus on local politics but also start to provide information about races in other parts of the country, particularly as they relate to a Republican/conservative surge.

As part of that, here are two polls that highlight just how strong the Republican momentum is and how unhappy people are with the current Democratic trend. In both New Jersey and Virginia, both of which voted for Obama, Republicans are virtually assured of winning the Governorships:

New Jersey (Monmouth Poll)
Chris Christie (R) -- 50%
Jon Corzine (D) -- 36%

Virginia (PPP)
Bob McDonnell (R) -- 51%
Creigh Deeds (D) -- 37%

These are huge margins and they're going the wrong direction for the Democrats. With only 3 months until elections, barring some major change, these two Governorships are "signed, sealed, and delivered."

In short: R+2