Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soon We'll All be Driving Obamobiles

On Tuesday there were two big stories in the auto industry -- neither of which was good for America nor those who believe in capitalism and a free market economy.

First of all, GM officially changed its name from General Motors to Government Motors.

Second, President Obama announced his administration is setting extremely tough new "fuel efficiency standards" that will increase cost for consumers, hurt safety, transform America's car and truck fleet, and will represent an unprecedented governmental tinkering with capitalism -- all for the benefit of a liberal agenda that aims to tell people how to live and how to drive.

Here is a telling quote from this Reuters story:

"The government is now designing our cars. It's out of the hands of vehicle manufacturers," said auto industry consultant Larry Rinek.

We've reached a brave new world. Congress doesn't even have to approve the standards, either, as these will be implented through the EPA and DOT rules. All because do-gooders think your car doesn't get enough miles-per-gallon and because a bunch of environmental-wacko liberals continue to fantasize that one nation's government regulations on tailpipes and the size of cars will actually impact the climate.

We could go into all the reasons why global warming is a joke -- including evidence that shows that the earth has actually been cooling the past few years -- but it doesn't matter now. Gone will be any semblance of consumer choice or a free market. Check out this excerpt from the AP article:

Eric Fedewa, vice president of global powertrain forecasting for the auto consulting firm CSM Worldwide in Northville, Mich., said the changes will make pickup trucks so much more expensive that they will be used almost exclusively for work.

As we've warned here in the past, government is using the dangerous strings of bailout funds and economic rescue to one, essentially purchase an auto company, and now, through that same mindset of power for the goal of "improving gas mileage and reducing emissions", actually control what you drive.

Yet, amazingly, auto industry executives, all inspired by pride and greed rather than principle and free market economics, stood by Obama's side.

What they don't get is that there is little to no point now in actually having separate auto companies, with the government dictating what kinds of cars will be made and driven. We'll all be driving around in Obamobiles. Maybe GM will name its first car under these rules the "Chevrolet Barack". It would be appropriate.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Not too far down this liberal road of 1984-like government power will not only be the EPA and DOT telling you what to drive -- but when to drive it. National speed limits won't be far behind. Forced car pooling. Bans on even owning an SUV, even if you can afford to buy one.

All to satisfy liberal fantasies of an environmental, government-controlled Utopia.

Will some Republican please stand up and oppose this communism?