Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mark Parkinson Leaves No Doubt -- He's a Liberal

A couple weeks ago, Governor Mark Parkinson surprised many when he agreed to a compromise on the coal plants. Many, including this blog, speculated that perhaps this was a sign that the new Governor might be easier to work with on a number of issues where Kathleen Sebelius offered no hope.

While the decision on the coal plants was a step forward, the new governor took two huge steps back late this week when he line-item veteoed a provision in the state budget which would have removed funding for Planned Parenthood and vetoed a bill which would have limited the ability of cities to annex private land. He also vetoed a bill which would have tightened up regulations regarding advance ballots, which would have limited the potential for fraud in elections.

By taking these three actions, Governor Parkinson confirmed what most everyone knew but was hoping was not the case -- he's a liberal and will govern that way. In each of these cases, he had the opportunity to stake a moderate position to match the moderate image he likes to present to the electorate.

Thankfully, Kansans will only have to deal with a liberal governor for one more legislative session.