Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liberals Resurrect Bogeyman -- and woman -- in Olathe

At Kaw & Border, one of our favorite pieces of all times is Rush Limbaugh's "35 Undeniable Truths of Life". A collection of political and cultural certainties, it has long been a guide for conservatives who want some basic guidance -- and humor -- when reviewing the world around them.

In recent months, it has come to our attention here in the Kansas City area that perhaps we should create a local version of El Rushbo's famous truths. The reason it is because liberals are some of the most predictable people among us -- and this truth continually reveals itself in their behavior come election time.

If we were to pick a "35 Undeniable Truths of Kansas City Area Politics", #1 would be that if a liberal candidate is running against a conservative candidate in Johnson County, the liberal candidate, when all else is failing, that candidate's backers will resurrect their favorite bogeyman in former Attorney General and District Attorney Phill Kline.

As we discussed in our August 1 piece entitled "KTRM: Kansans Trashing Republican Mailboxes", we brought to light the liberal KTRM's efforts to tie Phill Kline to now Senator Mary Pilcher Cook in the Republican primary against their chosen candidate, liberal Sue Gamble. Of course, this effort was embarrassingly unsuccessful, as Mary Pilcher Cook demolished both Gamble in the primary as well as Pete Roman in the General Election.

Funny that the theme of that KTRM piece was "Have you had enough?", because apparently, the liberals haven't. Now, several months later, they have apparently borrowed the KTRM playbook in invoking Phill Kline's name in a SCHOOL BOARD RACE in Olathe on behalf of Amy Martin, the liberal candidate challenging conservative incumbent Jim Churchman.

Not only that, they apparently had another old playbook sitting around -- that of former State Representative Rob Boyer, who attempted to defeat Kay O'Connor in the 2004 Republican Primary by trashing her in hit piece after hit piece yet fell painfully short despite spending $80K plus of his own money on the trash pieces tearing apart Senator O'Connor. Yet, Amy Martin's minions have apparently decided to resurrect Kay O'Connor by linking her to Churchman as well.

Well, guess what the brilliant talent in the liberal Amy Martin/Olathe Schools First campaign team did? Oh, they were creative -- they put both Kline and O'Connor in the same hit piece against Churchman:

Now, if you can't read up close -- this piece says that "Kay O'Connor endorsed Jim Churchman" and that Jim Churchman at one point endorsed Phill Kline.

That's seriously what they are arguing? Kay O'Connor, a TWO-TERM State Senator and FOUR-TERM State Representative who never lost a local election in Olathe, is somehow a bad endorsement? And Jim Churchman -- a Republican -- gasp -- endorsed Phill Kline -- a Republican? Wow, that's groundbreaking.

What's even more hilarious is that on the flip side of this piece, they say "trust the professionals, not the politicians" -- yet right next to that statement, they list that Amy Martin has the endorsement of several politicians -- namely Ron Wimmer (Democrat who lost to Julia Lynn), who was REJECTED by Olathe voters in the last election by a 55-45% margin. Also included on the list is Sue Storm (Democrat former State Rep from northern Overland Park, State School Board Member) and three former school board members.

Apparently, to Olathe Schools First, you're only a professional if you're a LIBERAL elected politician. Remember, folks, these are the same people who are joined at the hip with the NEA, which is an open proponent of abortion on demand, unbridled education spending, and an open opponent of the kind of Olathe values reflected in its elected officials.

To make it clear -- in the liberal world, it's better to be endorsed by a politician rejected soundly by Olathe voters than it is to be endorsed by one who was elected six times by Olathe voters. Hmmm....

Notably, nowhere on the piece is there any defense of Amy Martin, any outline of her ideas, her proposals, or her values. It simply bashes some successful politicians (O'Connor, and the several elected officials who have endorsed Churchman) while propping up one who was rejected by Olathe voters.

Of course, the gamble that Olathe Schools First is taking is that the huge waves of conservative voters that normally vote in August and November elections (as well as the April 2005 election) will not turn out in this relatively low-profile spring election in 2009, reducing electorate to teachers unions and their supporters.

The good news for Olathe voters and for those who believe in sound education policy everywhere is that Jim Churchman has been campaigning hard and unlike Martin, has a detailed description of his work on the board on his website,

Hopefully, much like Mary Pilcher Cook, Churchman will again demonstrate that pieces like the one above are ineffective and silly, let alone politically devoid of common sense. If so, perhaps in the next election that comes down the road, the liberal candidate will actually promote themselves and their principles, and we can actually have a real debate over ideas.

Sadly for liberals, that would mean that they would have to retire their favorite bogeyman, Phill Kline -- and we all know that they will be unable to resist that overwhelming temptation.