Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Preview: No Roman Empire in Senate District 10

With the election just a week away, we at Kaw & Border are launching an election preview series regarding several races in Johnson County.

Today, we are focusing on a race we have examined before -- District 10, involving Republican Mary Pilcher Cook and Democrat Pete Roman.

Mary Pilcher Cook defeated Sue Gamble soundly in the primary by a 57-43% margin. Pete Roman barely escaped the Democratic primary, defeating Michael Bolton.

Expectedly, Pete Roman is taking page 1 from the KTRM playbook and using their favorite bogeyman, Phill Kline, in an attempt to bring down Cook. Mary, on the other hand, is relying on a solidly positive message like she did in the primary, combined with a heavy ground game -- which anyone driving through the district can tell.

Roman is hoping for enough Republicans to crossover to combine with Democrats and a few Unaffiliateds to get to the magic number. It is appropriate to note in this case that Roman lost to Nick Jordan 61-39 in 2004.

We at Kaw & Border expected the margin to be smaller, but well short of what Roman needs. Mary is one of the most effective campaigners in Johnson County and has an effective campaign team that has raised the right kind of money and has the appropriate ground game in order to overcome the negative barbs coming out of camp Roman.

The fact is that District 10 leans conservative, and now will have an authentic conservative to represent them. There will be no Roman Empire in District 10.