Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Conservative "Doers" of Kansas

We at Kaw & Border believe there are two types of politicians: those who get elected to be something and those who are elected to do something. The be something types are a dime a dozen -- those who run for the prestige, the title, the power, the fame, or some combination thereof. You can spot them from a mile away -- and while some may indeed vote "right" some or even most of the time, you rarely find them sticking their necks out or leading the charge on a particular issue. Their focus is on getting elected and on being liked by the highest amount of people possible.

The do something types, on the other hand, are the opposite. Often labeled by the media as "right wing" or "extreme", the truth is that the media -- and even some within their own party -- assign these labels because they fear courageous leaders who seek real change that goes against either the agenda of the media or somehow might be deemed controversial.

The fact is, of course, these leaders -- people like Mary Pilcher Cook, Lance Kinzer, Kasha Kelley, Anthony Brown, among others -- are not extreme in any sense of the word. They take positions on issues -- whether it be life, fiscal issues, government size, etc -- that are well within the mainstream of Kansas values and whose positions, when polled honestly, actually are favored by a majority of Kansas voters. This is proven by their ability to get elected and re-elected.

The sad part is there aren't enough "doers" in politics these days, whether it be in Kansas or elsewhere. The reason is because of the scorn that such brave leadership invites -- from opponents, the media, and even friends. Look at Sarah Palin -- America's #1 "conservative doer", and how she's been attacked across the board. Who would want to be subjected to that?

Which is what makes those who do run and do serve all the more impressive. Kaw & Border salutes these courageous conservatives for standing up and standing proud.