Thursday, August 7, 2008

Senate District 10 Is With Mary!

Mary Pilcher Cook -- 57%
Sue Gamble -- 43%

If you're KTRM and/or Stephanie Sharp, that's gotta hurt. Apparently District 10 Republicans did not believe the hate mailings claiming that MPC wanted you in jail and women to die of breast cancer. Rather, they responded to Mary's positive campaign, her story, and respected her standing up for Republican principles.

However, the voters' rejection of KTRM's hate mail campaign is just part of the story.

A few months ago, some people, largely composed of outsiders to District 10, claimed Mary couldn't win. They didn't understand the politics on the ground. They hadn't analyzed the election results from 2006. And most of all, they didn't understand Mary Pilcher Cook -- her beliefs on a host of issues, her principles, and her determination.

Mary's campaign was a testament to how to win right in politics. She ran on her beliefs. She ran on her record. And she ran a positive campaign that although highlighted her differences with her opponent, did not cross the line into personal, over-the-top hateful attacks that do nothing but energize the opposition, anger undecided voters, and dillute your own message. She took her case directly to voters, knocking on as many doors as humanly possible, making her case.

And District 10 responded in resounding fashion.

What Mary's victory should also show is that conservatives should be careful about putting political calculations above principle. When one stands up for the conservative cause like Mary Pilcher Cook has done over the last eight years, conservatives should rally around these principled warriors, particularly when their defeats were by the slimmest of margins in one of the worst years for Kansas Republicans in recent history -- 2006.

Finally, for other conservative candidates, Mary's decisive win should be a model for how to win in other districts. You raise enough money to compete; you develop a strong, positive message; and you take your case to the voters -- by mail, yes, but also on foot.

Kaw & Border salutes, and congratulates, Mary Pilcher Cook on her big victory -- and wishes her the best in the General Election.