Friday, August 1, 2008

KTRM: Kansans Trashing Republican Mailboxes

Our friends at KTRM have provided yet more proof they are worried about District 10 voters not Gambling on August 5:

When all else fails, bring out your bogeyman -- Phill Kline. Phill Kline is Pages 1-100 in the KTRM playbook, and they're bringing him out now. Will this work? They are assuming everyone hates Phill Kline, including conservative Republican primary voters in an area where Phill represented for 8 years. This is on the heels of a largely positive Kline radio and mailing campaign and the DA's successful handling (even in Steve Rose's opinion) of the Kelsey Smith case. This is a calculated risk -- but if the Gambler is behind, what else can they do, talk about Sue?

At least this piece actually mentions Sue Gamble, but on the trails of the previous two trash pieces, one wonders if Republican voters in District 10 will reject the very negative efforts of the open and tolerant moderate KTRM.

The political wizardy of KTRM continues to amaze.