Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to Kaw & Border

Kaw & Border is a new blog dedicated to telling the story behind the story of Kansas City area politics -- both of the politicians themselves as well as political operatives such as key individuals, PACs, and other groups of influence. The core mission of Kaw & Border is to expose the truth behind area politics on both sides of the border -- such as the quest for money, power, and the true agendas of some individuals and groups.

In addition, look for some thoughtful conservative commentary on occasion -- not just from us, but from thoughtful conservative thinkers across the two-state area. Finally, don't be surprised if you find useful information and predictions on upcoming elections in both Kansas and Missouri.

What this blog will not be is a vehicle for personal attacks on people, no matter which political persuasion fits their beliefs, nor will it be a place of unfounded rumor and gossip. It will simply be a new news source for exposing the stories not told by the mainstream media -- and certainly not revealed by those entities wishing to not air their real agenda.

We hope you enjoy.