Wednesday, July 30, 2008

KTRM: Mary Pilcher Cook wants you to DIE!!!

Yes, that's the absurd claim made they are attempting to make in their recent hate-mailing in District 10:

Not only that, KTRM also is trying to make the case that Mary Pilcher Cook wants you in jail:

Jail? Death? They don't make it clear which comes first.

Of course, the ridiculous part of this is that KTRM is the group of so-called "moderates" who claim to be tolerant and striving for unity. Unity how? By accusing fellow Republicans of wanting people to die?

Comparison pieces and letting people know about voting records is one thing. Making absurd, over-the-top, ridiculous claims becuase someone disagrees with you on a social issue is wrong and does not add to the discourse politics sorely needs. Not to mention it's politically insane.

All KTRM has done by these mailings is violate rule #1 in politics -- they've made the race about Mary Pilcher Cook, while Sue Gamble is now just an afterthought. These hate mailings (and we're sure there are more coming) do nothing except to depress turnout or make the opposition angry and motivated -- and turn off undecided voters.

Way to go KTRM -- traditional Republicans? Right. More like "Kansans Trashing Republican Mailboxes".